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Neurofeedback Studie:

Til trods for den stigende interesse for neurofeedback, er der stadig få, der forstår, hvad neurofeedback egentlig er, og hvad det kan benyttes til. Neurofeedback anvendes i stigende grad til behandling af bl.a. angst, depression, migræne, søvnbesvær, OCD o.lign. Dette studie har til formål at beskrive de processer, der ligger til grund for elektroencefalografisk (EEG) neurofeedback.



ADHD Studie:

In a small study of 40 children with ADHD, teachers and parents reported that patients undergoing neurofeedback treatment experienced a decrease in inattendtion similar to that of patients taking methylphenidate ADHD medication. Læs mere her:



Depressions Studie:

There is evidence that people with a history of major depression have lower connectivity between two particular brain areas when recalling feelings of guilt. Now, new research suggests that it is possible to strengthen this brain connectivity and increase self-esteem with a new type of neurofeedback training. Læs mere her:



PTSD Studier:

Brain/Computer Interaction (BCI) devices are designed to alter neural signals and, thereby, mentalactivity. This study was a randomized, waitlist (TAU) controlled trial of a BCI, EEG neurofeedbacktraining (NF), in patients with chronic PTSD to explore the capacity of NF to reduce PTSD symptomsand increase affect regulation capacities. Læs mere her:

Neurofeedback is an innovative treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that is readily accessible to mental healththerapists. As a widespread mental health concern with potentially devastating long-term consequences on psychosocial func-tioning, PTSD can also adversely impact biophysiological processes, particularly those related to the brain. Neurofeedback hasshown promise in alleviating overall PTSD symptoms, including these underlying neurobiological consequences. Læs mere her:


Hør en Neuropsykolog og Forsker fortælle om Neurofeedback og dets virkning i DR's program "Din geniale krop":

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